Communication facilities


Objectives of the Project



Installation of community health and reforestation.
Awareness and Support viewing pictures of the best growers.
Animate people to know well the interests of reforestation and their effect on the generation of poor soils and their usefulness in health, economy.
More than eleven (11) ha-auriculi formis and Moringa oleifera has been made, acacia and other forest species and 36 may find life against malnutrition, fever etc …
From 2000 to now
. Animation literacy classes. . Animation of post-literacy courses. – Animation of the workshop on the management of AGR.
. local language Transcript . Recycle literacy mistresses Strengthening management capacity
.Recycled mistresses 50 .300 declared literate learners 56 women good use management tools
From 2001 to now
. Animation training workshops . Public Awareness – Reading books and legislation
  Inform people on issues of decentralization
§  Grassroots communities are familiar with the challenges of decentralization
From 2002 to now
Awareness, chat, debate
Inform the public about children’s schooling and girls in particular
In some communities, the rate of girls attending school has doubled
From 2003 to now
IEC activities in the fight against STI / HIV / AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis…
. Training Workshop . Awareness . Video Film screening . Discussion, talks  .Meeting People
. Information on HIV / AIDS, Malaria .Communicate for Behavior Change (CBC) .Reduce the infection rate of HIV / AIDS, cholera and other
. The communities are aware of HIV / AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis . The media .Preventive methods .The impact on families and countries .30 community volunteers are trained
From 2004 to now
IEC activities hygiene, childcare home economics.
 .Training Workshop . Awareness . Video Film screening . Discussion, talks .Meeting People
. Information . Communication for behavior change Practice good sanitation for a healthy environment in homes especially children and women
.The communities are educated . Preventive methods . The consequences in homes Community volunteers are educated
From 2005 to now
Educational Campaign for non-violence
. Training Workshop . Forum . People Meeting . Discussion, chat . Awareness . International Day of Non-Violence .Cultural day in schools, colleges, high school, party, church, etc …
.Information . Communication for behavior change Reducing the rate of violence in corruption takeover
. The populations are informed of the abuse, takeover . Means of fight against violence .The consequences for families and countries .Over 100 delegates are trained general
From 2000 to now
IEC activities for malnutrition
. Training Workshop .Awareness . Awareness . Discussion, chat .Meeting People
. Information, communication Reduce child malnutrition rates
.The populations are informed of malnutrition . Ways to fight against malnutrition . The impact on women, children, etc … .More than 20 children have found life
From 2005 to now
Accounting and management training
.Accounting courses animation .Over the animation on the sales women management
.filling notebooks funds, stock, credit, etc … .Strengthening management capacity
. 10 recycled mistresses . 80 learners declared managers .50 women good use management techniques
From 2005 to now
. Awareness and technical assistance, . Display of the best qualities, .Discussion, fair, advertising
  Fight against poverty and unemployment among vulnerable populations, partner search for export, self-financing research and multiplication of handicrafts.
.2 sets are installed fabric production .24 qualities of tissue products are made .1 Position sculpt installed .1 regular soap preparing station is installed .2 hectares are cultivated cassava, corn and Moringa, apple walnut
From 2003 to now
Land management for a healthy environment
. Training Workshop . Awareness, chat .Meeting People
. Bring the people to plant trees and to ensure good hygiene to the use of household waste .Ensuring a healthy environment Backfill the fossers in the streets, market etc …
.10, 000 seedlings are planted in households and in public places and the area around the main thoroughfares of Commons . 200 people representing 400 households are formed on the management and recycling of household waste .800 households are targeted Agricultural output increased by 20%
From 2003 to now
Children’s Theatre
. Animation, training, display, . Animation of the workshop on children’s rights, corruption, poetry, child trafficking . Children’s Christmas (Holiday) . Birthday, forum, seminar, celebration of national and international days . TrainingChristmas: singing, dancing,relaxation-theater Media pressure
  Give priority to children because children have the right.
.2 groups of children are trained and are able to communicate on issues of corruption, poetry, child trafficking, singing, dancing etc… . More than 400 children are trained .4 mistresses are formed
From 1999 to now
Excursion and exchange trip
  Awareness, display, advertising, discussion, workshop, public meeting.
.Teaching young people to open up. .Improve and enrich the relations of associations and groups etc …
. Over 200 young people have made their trip to South center of the country (New Juaben) .12 students made the discovery of their friends to the country of (Togo and Benin)
From 2005 to now
child placement
Awareness, publicity, meetings, display, publication
Avoid the phenomenon of “child in care”
§  More than 2 children were found and taken to the social center of the community and the authorities of the place and help by members of COC financially and in technical equipment.
From 200 to now
Duties and rights of women in society
Awareness, publicity, meetings, display, publication
  Women should be equal to men and increase job rates in administrations.
. More than 1,000 women are trained .More than 60 women are able to bring the information to others
From 2005 to now
Music Club
– Awareness, information, communication, training. – Bribes music courses Animation – Animation on the management of musicians during the meetings, workshop and competition.
.3 recycled masters .12 learners reported musicians . 28 people well use management tools. .A management committee is formed and meets weekly. .1 Tam-tam is purchased .6 uniform outfits are available to them
From 2005 to now
Loan and Savings
– Visit and exchanges of expériences with beneficiary groups
 Increase women’s incomes. Convey management skills.
  One group received the credit in the amount of Ghc 500 francs and saved money.
From 2006 to now