La Force de la Vérité ( SATIAGRA )

CENTER OF CULTURES is a non-profit organization, which deals with the awareness of youth about its role in the process of sustainable development, the knowledge of their rights and duties, the construction of a society solidarity, multicultural on the basis of self-organization and reciprocity.
It is led by a motor team of young and wise towards young-wise interests. Activities are on a purely voluntary basis. Our activities are built around three programs:
Our activities are built around three programs:
– Environmental Education (• Awareness Project on Household Waste Management • Awareness and Health Awareness Campaigns)
– Social and economic promotion (• Solidarity Savings Program • Social activities)
– The fulfillment of youth through volunteering (• Organization of socio-cultural and sports activities • Organization of activities during international national days

– Commissions: • Commission Culture Sport Leisure • Social Action Committee • Environment and Health Commission • Human Rights Education Commission

The Executive Board elected by secret ballot for a renewable term of two (02) years. All executive board members are volunteers.
The organization has participated in several programs and funerals in Local and International level. Thank you also for visiting: