4.1 – Agriculture Field

• Develop the employability through community development micro-projects program (agriculture, breeding center, fish …).

4.2  Health Field

• Implement the Youth Action program for the fight against AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other incurable diseases.

• Create community and rural health centers.

• Train and educate the volunteers on health: drug, prevention against AIDS, childhood diseases etc …

• Establish the Bioethics Research Unit program.

• Set up the project to install a (Brub) Office of Research Bioethics Unit

• Reduce mortality of children above 5 years.

• Create international centers longevity, gerontology, retired to exchange experiences in the field of social action and CAP (Concrete Action Program) in the field of development research on biomedical ethics, Ethics and HIV / AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and ethnology

4.3  Environment Field

.Training and educating on nature protection .Participating for local and international decade for the prevention against natural disasters

.Establish the Bioethics Research Unit program .Establish the emergency department of environmental protection.

4.4 – Education Field

.Work for cultural actions (such as literacy program, promotion of reading, poetry, theater etc …) and the promotion of all ethics-related sciences.

.Training and education for health skills.

.Organize people of the 3rd age for cultural and sports activities .Promote the participation of women for public decisions.

.Establish and make operational framework for creating a platform of young people in order to unify local and international youth for the central values.

.Construction and equip of primary and secondary schools. .Provide documents and other materials to the primary and secondary schools.

4.5 – Living environment

.Develop rural desert tracks

.Build charitable monuments

.Develop market sheds

4-6 – Areas of communication

– Create a large communication network between local and international development partners.


The achievement of the objectives strengthening means the capacity of target groups to play in the organization by the management and their efforts activities are better rewarded in the distribution of surplus value therein will be created. From this point of view, strategy and program policy principles revolve to the following elements:

* Organization of producers and processors:

– Improved knowledge

– Facilitation of access to factors of production

– Taking into account gender and the environment

– Institutional Strengthening of sub-sector

– Participatory Approach

– Management Mode based on the “Make -make”

– Loyalty to his country with a view to promoting peace understanding and cooperation

– The principle of encouragement of human society to work for cultural exchange and consolidation for local and international solidarity regardless of race, sex, religion and politics.

– Participation in the development of society in general with respect for human dignity and the integrity of nature and the environment.

– Leadership for its own development

– Participation in various local and international seminars, forums in collaboration with local and international organizations.

– Collaboration with local and international partners (volunteers and other) for humanitarian activities, loyalty, impartiality in its good actions.

-Consolidation of international unity and social solidarity.